A new website has been launched that seeks to remove the bad feelings often generated when a loved-one’s possessions are divided among the heirs (or not divided.) When a parent or other loved-one dies, the estate settlement process is often stressful for everyone. Not only is the family suffering from the personal loss, but now they have to deal with the technical legal details of Probate or Trust administration.

Usually it is pretty easy to divide and distribute liquid assets like cash and stocks. But, those pesky personal possessions sometimes cause the most trouble, even though they may be worth less than everything else. Family fights are sometimes strongest and most emotional when it comes to a chest of drawers, a tea set, or a quilt.

One way families have worked things out in the past has been an “auction” among the children or other heirs. This can be difficult if everyone cannot get together. So, modern technology has come through again with www.edivvyup.com. This website works something like e-bay but uses a point system so the family can bid on various items and divide them up without fighting.

The website says: “The bad feelings that can result from one brother or sister taking advantage of another family member or manipulating the situation, can damage relationships. This damage can have a lasting and profound effect within the family for many years to come. With the eDivvyup approach to estate distribution, much of the stress and in fighting among family members that is typical in these situations, can be eliminated.”

Of course there is a fee for this service, but it is pretty small compared to the cost of a family fight (either in emotions or legal fees.) We haven’t had any personal experience with this site yet, but if anyone has used it, please post a response so others can learn if it really works.