The FBI is warning consumers to be vigilant when seeking employment online. The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has receive numerous complaints from individuals who have fallen victim to work-at-home scams. Some unemployed people are desperate and will turn to any sources to earn money. Be sure you know what you are doing online and otherwise.

Scams may include hiring people to process payments, transfer funds, or reship products. The victims may be asked to receive and cash checks that are fraudulent, or to transfer funds that have been obtained illegally, or to receive merchandise that is stolen and re-ship it to the criminals running the scam. These “employees” are duped into committing crimes for their “employers.”

Job scams often provide criminals the opportunity to commit identity theft when victims provide their personal information, sometimes even bank account information, to their potential “employer.” The criminal/employer can then use the victim’s information to obtain credit card accounts, post online auctions, or register websites in the victim’s name, to commit additional crimes.

Victims of Internet crime can file a complaint at

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