Our law office received an anonymous letter regarding some trash spilled on Broad Street in Nashua on June 16, 2011. The letter noted that our name was found on a prescription bottle (and I assume some sort of internet search was done to match the name). That trash was not ours and has nothing to do with the Adamsky Law Offices nor the Adamsky family. Mrs. Adamsky is a Registered Pharmacist and her name appears on every bottle when she fills a prescription. The bottle probably belonged to one of her patients.

Thank you to the good person who picked up that trash. We understand from your letter that it was disposed of properly and that the confidentiality of the careless person who dropped this trash was maintained. You are to be commended for your kind act. And, we agree that everyone should be careful with their garbage and see that it is properly handled.

And, we remind everyone to review their procedures for disposing of sensitive information such as prescription bottles. It is recommended that you soak off the label before you dispose of it. Also, if you have unused prescription medicines, please check with your local authorities for the best way to dispose of them safely and securely.